In today’s highly dynamically competitive economy, talent is the new capital. We accept new changes and on the basis of ongoing economic conditions, we accordingly provide our esteemed clients with business solutions for Manpower requirement. We offer wide-ranging manpower solutions at all the levels across different industries.

Makoto HR Solutions has been founded with a mission of providing best talent to our clients and at the same time providing right opportunity to the right candidate.

Our Motto


This is general approach that one has to achieve success through following traditional industrial practices. However, we trust that success follows you if the right person is appointed to the right job. We vigorously work towards screening a candidate to know his interest and motivation level towards the job as we believe that one can do work properly only if one enjoys it.

Our Vision

Industries are made my humans. Our vision is thus to bring Clients and Candidates at the same side who are alike in their search for achievements, growth and prosperity.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide swift and best solutions that technology can provide clubbed with latest knowledge, drive and hunger for excellence to boost and drive companies so that the world may benefit at large.

Our Culture

The founders of Makoto HR Solutions have created a team of experienced professionals who have consistently proved themselves in the face of the most challenging positions. They go out of the way to ensure that the quality and consistency is not compromised at any cost. We are updated with latest information & we encourage innovation, values, technology, recognition and motivation. We have experts coming from different backgrounds.


“Satisfaction of our Clients is what we vouch for”

In today’s economic scenario, company with the best talent stays ahead. Makoto HR Solutions has the best talent to work for you. Our huge database supported by real-time mapping and headhunting in different sectors has ensured closure of requirements within the TAT.